Massages and Treatments


The relaxing massage has several benefits by acting on various points of the body: it stimulates the body’s energy and reactivates blood and lymphatic circulation. Through a relaxing massage we can reduce anxiety and stress levels: it is an important curative and preventive therapy.


Used in sports, the decontracting massage consists in the manipulation of specific areas affected by the contracture. It allows to loosen the muscular tensions typical of this ailment, reducing the pain and speeding up the recovery.


The Thai Oil Massage is a treatment characterized by slow, sweet and delicate movements that lead to a complete sense of relaxation. During the session, energy meridians are stimulated to allow the flow of vital energy in the body.


The purpose of the Hawaiian massage is to achieve physical well-being and rebalance harmony between body and mind. It is a gentle type of massage, with slow and steady movements reminiscent of waves of the ocean, designed to deeply relax the person undergoing the treatment. To encourage this state of relaxation, the session often comes accompanied by a background of Hawaiian music. Essences and perfumed oils, generally coconut or monoi, are used for rubbing e massaging the skin.

Reservations can be cancelled for free until 24 hours before the treatment. If not, the entire cost of the massage will be charged as a cancellation fee.
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